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  • RE: Good things in Mushing

    @sao IT WAS ONE TIME

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  • RE: RL Peeves

    I just realized that while I would love to participate in the Kellogg boycott - they also produce the foods my disordered eating child will eat when all else fails.

    I feel like they bank on that fact. I’m not going to let my kiddo, who at one point in her life didn’t have access to food, not eat because she can’t stomach anything beyond her comfort food.

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  • RE: Comic Games Are Still Fun!

    Just a gentle reminder to everyone that while the discussion about a fight over political discussions on another game is fine, we’d rather not see it become a way for people to have a political discussion by proxy here. People have been good about this so far, it’s not a ding on anyone, but just keep it in mind since things tend to drift the longer a discussion goes on.

    On the other hand, fight over Lex Luthor’s presidential policies all you want.

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  • RE: Anime

    I ducking CRIED

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  • RE: Good things in Mushing

    CAN’T POST IN THE GAME AD THREAD so I came here:

    @Coin It’s so fucking charming to read about the games in our hobby like this. IDK. It just gets me. I’ve been enjoying these and I’m looking forward to the next with Faraday.

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  • RE: MU Peeves Thread

    @imstillhere said in MU Peeves Thread:

    I will do the lifting to set it all up, I don’t usually mind.

    What I mind is the person who says “I want to rp!” and then they say “I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any ideas. What character would you like me to be? LOL!”

    this whole operation

    At least pick which of YOUR OWN characters you want to be, come on now. I’m not doing that for you.

    This is also one of my peeves. I don’t want to choose your alt for you, and the fact that you have asked me to do so kills at least 20 percent of my interest in scening with you, because what it says to ME (whether you mean it that way or not) is that you have no particular ideas or interest in specific character interactions between our two PCs.

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  • RE: Real Life Struggles/Support/Vent

    You don’t have a fever nor are you throwing up.
    Sorry sweetheart, OFF TO SCHOOL.

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