@Pavel said in Welcome, and A Short Note on Organisation:

Hi, guys. Popping this old pinned post back on top of recent with a reminder to YOU and to US about the purpose of some of our board sections:

To that end, we have four primary sections, each with a specific purpose.
The first is Advertisements. This is the place where, naturally, advertisements on upcoming and current games are posted and stored. This is not, however, a discussion area and should only be used to advertise games. The rationale behind this is so that game advertising can be kept free of lengthy discussion or raucous debate so that the key details of the game itself can be more easily found.

We have not been even remotely enforcing that, but the post that was posted today – and then immediately buried under discussion – was a good reminder of why we set this guideline in the first place.

I will try to be more accountable about this.